Saturday, 3 September 2011

Drive to Jeru

Since I got my car this week I decided to drive to Jerusalem to spend Friday night with my family. I've haven't seen them in a while since I was out of the country for a while, and then they went on a little vacation too. It was my first serious drive (well semi serious.... around an hour+ drive) and my aunt was very worried. The drive up to Jerusalem is actually really nice. It's up in the mountains so you have to go through some really hilly/curvy areas but there are really nice views all around. All the way up to the city my ears kept popping every couple minutes. I also felt like my engine was going to explode from over exertion but it held up. My uncle met me on the road when I got to Jerusalem and guided me out to the suburb they live in (Pizgat Ze'ev). Had some good food, hung out, and shot some hoops with my cousin. Headed out after lunch today and door to door it only took me an hour to get back, which is pretty sweet. It's awesomely convenient having the car

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