Monday, 31 October 2011


Purely basketball related post. Scouting the opposing team is obviously a big part of basketball... and it becomes even bigger when you're only playing once a week. Every game is so important. In college we would watch video of the other teams players/plays the day before a game and then defend some of their plays on the court in practice. Here it's kind of similar but taken to another level. Because we mostly play on Sundays, this is how the schedule would look. Thursday before practice we'll watch a half of most likely the last game our opponent played. Don't really talk about anything just watch them play. Then during practice we'll go over one or two of their set plays a bit.

Friday we'll watch film on the individual players in the team's rotation. We'll also get a scouting booklet that has all of the team statistics in wins, losses, overall, and in comparison to the rest of the league. The booklet also has a summary of information for each player. Once again, during practice we'll go over some of their plays and defend them.

Finally, on saturday we'll watch film on the set plays of the other team and once again defend their plays in practice. As you can see we spend a sizable amount of time on scouting and watching/learning about the opposing team. Can be boring sometimes but it helps if you really watch.

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  1. study your opponents--> murder your opponents