Monday, 26 December 2011

Game 7: vs. Ashkelon

First game with our new coach was against Ashkelon, a team that had started the season out incredibly but was on a downswing after one of their foreigners (Raymar Morgan from Michigan State) had a season ending knee injury. We started the game off very slow, and were down 14 points before we knew it. Thankfully we turned it up and came back to even things out. I played maybe 6 minutes in the first half and contributed with some offensive rebounds and a couple points. By halftime it was a close game, I think we were down 2 or something. Anyways second half was more of the same, back and forth. In the third quarter I continued to play well and helped our team get the lead back. Fourth quarter I didn't play but we ended up making a couple huge plays that allowed us to get and hold on to the lead. I think the final score was 101-96 or something like that. Obviously not a great defensive showing but we finally won and got out of the hole we were in. I finished the game with 5 points and 6 rebounds in 13 minutes. First game in a while a really felt good and comfortable and great feeling to win it at the end.

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