Saturday, 18 February 2012

Catching up again

Been scumming hard on the blog lately... dunno why. We've gone 3-0 since the new coach has here, beating the 1st place, 4th place, and 5th place teams... all ironically after we lost to the last place team. Although our new coach Hanan wasn't at this last game, nor was he at practice all week due to some undisclosed illness. Apparently it was pretty serious because he was in the hospital for a fair bit of time. Thankfully we've been told he's on the mend and will supposedly be at practice tomorrow. So that's good that he got better.

In other basketball news, during the 4th quarter of last game our Israeli point guard, Avi, went down with a knee injury. We haven't really heard exactly what the deal is but there was mention he could be out for 6 weeks. If that's true that would bring us basically to the end of the regular season. So we'll see what happens with that. He's a veteran guard who knows the ropes, although at times he is pretty damn frustrating.

On the team side, our recent string of wins over teams in the top half of the league, combined with a couple added losses by some of the top half teams, have allowed us to move up into 4th place overall in the league. With (I think) eight games to go we're in a pretty good position to remain in the top 8 and make the playoffs. Its becoming increasingly clear that that is the limit of the teams expectations (and goals) for this year. And because the team is doing well they have basically realized they can skimp by with doing the least possible for the team. They haven't, and won't, hire an assistant coach to help out... the stupidity of which became increasingly clear with our head coach out of the picture for almost 2 weeks. Players have basically been running practice ourselves and its been pretty bullshit. People slacking off alot etc. We've also done away with  having scouting reports for games... At this point its basically one or two guys on our team throwing out a couple names from our opponents team and a little bit about them before every game. The professionalism of the team is kinda devolving. Also, we've stopped practicing on saturdays, possibly because our coach is religious and practices shabbat... but even so I don't know why we don't practice later at night. So we're at 4 days of practice, 1 game, 2 days off.

In other news, I moved out from my apartment in Herzliya a little over 2 weeks ago and brought everything over to the new apartment in Hod Hasharon about 20-30 minutes away. By new I mean the apartment 3 of my teammates, and one wife of a teammate, have been living in all year. What happened was, one of the 3 ended up getting cut, and recently flew home, creating a room for me to stay in. The apartment isn't too shabby, about 10 minutes away from the gym and right around a busy intersection in the town. Lot of little restaurants, convenience stores, etc around. The apartment itself is not bad, pretty big kitchen and really big living room. Bathroom is by itself in this tiny room next to a bigger room that has the shower, another sink, and a washing and drying machine. The dryer is really nice to have after having to dry my clothes outside all year. We don't exactly keep the bathroom and shower in pristine condition but its alright, although the shower itself is a piece of crap. My bedroom is basically just an empty room with a bed. Oh, I also have a wooden chair... sweet.

Had some 'want my mother' moments recently. Last week the night before we played the 1st place team I hadn't been feeling good. On gameday Tuesday it was worse, and from Tuesday night to Friday morning I was more or less dying. I learned around Thursday that some stomach virus had been going around and a number of people had had it... otherwise I was starting to get worried. By Friday morning I was feeling better and ate my first real meal in 5 or 6 days that night. The next couple days at practice were pretty rough after not having done anything for a whole week almost. Thankfully my stomachs all back to normal these days. Then earlier this week I woke up one night feeling all itchy everywhere and some red splotches on my body... it was pretty effing annoying and I was scratching my life away. Don't really know what it was but got some generic allergy medicine the next day and it went away so I guess its all good. I think I must have touched something weird and then touched my body. Anyways I could have used someone to take care of me, but I survived.

Think that's about it. Hopefully the weather starts getting better soon around here, although earlier today when I was in Jerusalem it was hailing really hard for like 5 minutes. Pretty weird to see. The gf will be back in a month so just grinding out a couple more weeks til I can see her, should be good. Later all

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