Friday, 22 July 2011

The Flight/Day 1

So I got here in one piece. The flight actually wasn’t that bad. I sat in the first row of regular seating so had
some solid leg room... but they did make me pay for it, fuckers. The seats next to me were empty too so I was pretty comfortable. They showed a bunch of movies  

                                                                             that wrestling movie called ‘win/win’: watched it, pretty go 
Rango: already seen it, didn’t watch
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1: seen it, watched some of it tho
Narnia #17: dunno what Narnia it was but wasn’t interested.
And I think that’s it.

Funny bit from the plane... hilarious to watch the Israeli flight attendants decide who they can speak Hebrew to and who they have to speak English to. In their defense, they are surprisingly good at it.
Another side note, first class looks like the best thing ever... the seats recline so far back its stupid. They’re almost like actual beds. Lotta jealousy over here. Probably slept for a combined 4 hours on the plane in relative comfort, so that was legit.

When we landed and de-boarded there was a guy waiting for me (and one other girl who was making aliyah) who took us to the immigration absorption centre to do the paperwork. Got a bunch of papers about health insurance, bank accounts, my Israeli i.d., etc. When it was all done with we headed out to the concourse where I was met by the national team coach and the team manager of bnei hasharon.  Seem like good guys. I got all my bags and went with the guy from bnei hasharon (his name is Ze’ev). We drove away from the airport, through Tel-Aviv, and into Herzliya. He was on the phone the whole time and I was semi eavesdropping because he, nor anyone, knows that I know Hebrew... ok I was fully eavesdropping.  The other manager of Bnei called a bit after saying he found an apartment for me to live in for the year, so we drove out there. I’ll get some pics up but it seems like a nice place, nice landlord who lives next door, etc. Then me and Ze’ev went out to eat and he dropped me off at the hotel I’m staying at for a day or two before my real apartment is ready. It’s a nice place. On the eighth floor and I can see the ocean from the balcony.

Took a solid nap and then got picked up by another guy on the national team named Ben Reis, who’s also on my club team. Drove to university of Tel-Aviv athletic facility and practiced for a little. Only like an hour and a half... I was pretty surprised. Met a lot of guys at practice, obviously the different coaches and around 16 players. Was a little bit rusty but warmed up a little but as we kept playing. All of the guys know each other pretty well, but most of them were pretty nice to me, cracking some jokes or just talking some. They also got some people helping me out with my I.D. stuff so hopefully that’ll all get done quick.

After practice me and Ben went out to eat and then met another one of his friends and went to a bar on the beach near my hotel.  Pretty cool spot. Just got a beer and hung out for a while. Now back in the hotel. Had to wash my practice jersey in the sink haha, no washing machine. Bootleg as hellll. Watching superbad and making sure I’ve got all my stuff ready to go... Tomorrow morning one of the Bnei guys is coming to pick me up and take me my real apartment that I’ll be in all year. Pretty legit place I’ll get some pics when I’m all settled in there. 

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