Friday, 8 July 2011

That was easy

So I gave my visa in to the aliyah folks on Thursday morning. They then had to take it down to the Israeli consulate, get everything approved, and stamp my immigration visa into my Canadian passport. I'm kind of in a rush with all of this because the national team coach wants me there yesterday to start practicing, but the aliyah people are going on and on about how it can take up to two weeks, blah blah, they'll do what they can and so on. So I was pretty resigned to just play it by ear... Then I get a call this morning... "hello, your visa is ready, come pick it up." I was like damn, 24 hours later. Must be a world record. I have to wait until sunday to book a flight because they close for Shabbat but looks like I'll be out of here pretttty soon. Departure date info soon to come

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