Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Game 4: vs. Rishon Le Zion

Trying to bounce back from the smackdown we took last week, we played at home against Rishon. I think they were 1-1 at the time. I got the start in this game, guess the coaches were just trying to change it up a bit after last game. The game out alright. Up and down, back and forth type of first half. We couldn't stop anybody on defense... it was kinda crazy. I had 2 fouls in the first quarter (the first one literally I have no idea what it was) so ended up sitting out the second quarter. Halftime we were down 46-40. Third quarter we went back to our usual starting five, the four Americans and an Israeli guard. They played for the majority of the quarter but it did not. go. well. We were outscored 27-9 in the third and weren't able to recover. The Americans got benched for the fourth but the game was too far out of reach. We made up a couple of points but we still ended up losing by 22 points. Another disappointing outcome for us. We need a win ASAP or things are going to start getting testy around here. Sunday we play at Habeeka, a tough team that has been playing well. I finished with four points (2/4) and three rebounds. Nothing special but I played alright.

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