Tuesday, 15 November 2011

@ Habika'a

Sunday we traveled to Givat Shmuel a little East of Tel-Aviv, so not too far away. Habika'a is a good team around the top of the standings in the league. We started out the game very well playing exactly how we wanted to. On our team, Lace Dunn was puttin on a show scoring like a madman, and the team was playing pretty good defense, helped by the fact Habika'a was brickkking threes. At halftime the score was something like 41-32 for us I think. Second half they started hitting some shots and had a couple possessions in a row making three pointers. From that point it was a tight game although we continued to hold onto the lead. In the fourth quarter Habika'a took their first lead since the first quarter but we quickly got it back. Fourth quarter nearing crunch time I made two free throws to put us up four I think. Habika'a then made a three and after one or two empty possessions I came down with a defensive rebound and got fouled. I made 1/2 (sad times) to put us up two. The came down and hit a quick two to tie the game. On our ensuing possession Tweety Carter went to his patented step back but hit back rim, this guy Pinnock grabbed the rebound, raced upcourt, and hit an offbalance shot to put them up two with 0.5 seconds left. We ran an alley oop play to try and win the game but the pass got intercepted and that was it. Tough lough to stomach because we were up the whole game and really needed the win. Coming up is our bye week so we have two days off now then some practices the rest of the week

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