Thursday, 1 March 2012

This is just getting crazy

On sunday we were told that our coach, Hanan, would no longer be coaching us. I believe it was for health reasons but not really sure... they don't tell us much. So I'm going to be moving on to my sixth coach of the year.... crazy.

But for our game on Tuesday, a guy from management named Israel coached us (as he did the other week when Hanan was sick). He definitely likes me and I got to play for a while uninterrupted and get into the flow of things. I finished with 10 pts (4 for 4 shooting)/6 rebounds in almost 20 minutes, and played good defense throughout. It was probably my best game since I've been here and we won the game. That moved us back into a tie for 4th with 6 games remaining.

As it turns out, I don't think the club wants to spend any money so Israel might continue to coach us for the rest of year. I think they've figured out our team is talented enough to make the playoffs without alot of coaching over the next couple weeks... so that's what theyre going to let us do.

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