Sunday, 1 April 2012

Injury report

Took another blogging hiatus during the gf's visit... but sadly she's gone so I have a huge amount of time to bloggggggg.

3 weeks ago this Tuesday I sprained my ankle in our game. I had been playing pretty well and it was nearing the end of the third quarter I think. I limped off and didnt play the rest of the game (which we went on to win). So that hurt like a bitch. I limped around for a couple days and by the next week I gave playing a shot... It didn't go well. It was still hurting alot and I played like 2-4 minutes maybe. Stupid to try. By the next week (last game) I was starting to feel better and did my thing. I went in in the second quarter and was 3/3... Then in the second half I played like 2 minutes in the early 4th quarter.... Pretty frustrating to not get more minutes. Especially in that game where we had built a 19 point lead (and had gone up while I was playing), but later gave the entire thing up in the 3rd quarter (while I was out). It would have clinched the 7th playoff spot for us, but we ended up losing the game by 2. I was embarrassed. Although can't say the blame was on me. Anyways we have a game in 2 days at home to clinch the 8th playoff spot I think. It's our second last regular season game and its kind of a big deal. I dunno our team dynamic is notttt working too well right now, but we'll see what happens

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