Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Playoffs

Monday night we had game 1 of our first round quarterfinal playoff match up against the #2 team in the league, Be'er Yaakov. In the first match up of the year (before I got here) we had gotten beat by like 20 on our home court. In the second meeting, however, we went down there and played a great game and won by double digits.

The game started off pretty well and the score remained close until midway through the third quarter. We had some turnovers, bad shots, and the like and things just started unraveling. It was pretty crazy to see. One second it was a close game, the next we were down 20 points and the game was over. I was pretty uninvolved in the game and finished with basically no statistics in a handful of minutes.

Tuesday night we had "practice" which consisted of some shooting "games" that were mostly stupid, and going over some of our strategy for game 2.

Wednesday we did......... nothing. We didn't practice because it was Holocaust Remembrance Day and they couldn't get a gym for us. No, we did not practice the day before our elimination game and the possible end of our season.

Thursday was game day and surprisingly we came out pretty well. Luckily for me our center got 2 early fouls so I got to do my thing in the first half for a while. I had like 7 and 4 in the first half and we went up double digits in the second quarter while I was playing. Sadly for me, our center DIDN'T have foul trouble in the second half.... so I didnt play much. Be'er Yaakov also started playing their other star player (who was coming back from injury and they were kind of hoping to rest) and he absolutely killed us. When he subbed in he must have scored like 12 straight points. Needless to say he didn't look very injured. Anyways they made up about 15 points in the third quarter. Down the stretch in the fourth people took some bad shots and had some turnovers and we lost by a handful of points. At halftime I would never have believed we were going to lose.... but I can't say I was broken up. It's probably the most emotionally detached I've ever been to a season ending loss.

Since then we've just been hanging out, going to work out at the gym, and going out at nights. I went to Jerusalem on Friday to say goodbye to my family there and gave back my car this morning. We're still waiting to hear from the management about flights out, but I'm hoping it'll be Thursday morning by the latest. Glad to be finally going home

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