Sunday, 6 May 2012


Got home almost 2 weeks ago. Great to be back. Just been hanging out, working out, and seeing friends etc. Going to be home for like 3 and a half months this summer, which is longer than I've been home in probably 5 years. Haven't been this excited for a summer in a long time. Got a bunch of stuff planned and a couple different trips on the books.

Looking back at the year, it was probably the least fun I've had playing basketball in a long time. Obviously there were a lot of good times too with alot of good guys on the two teams I played on, but overall it was a disappointing year. I never really considered myself someone who gets homesick per se, but this year I definitely wanted to get back.

I've shot around twice in the 2+ weeks that we got knocked out of the playoffs... probably the least I've played basketball in a long time. Can't say I'm too bothered by it though. I do enjoy just going to mess around in the gym, but it's not as if I feel compelled to do it right now. Pretty content to just work out and hang around. I have to wait until the beginning of June to hear from my current team if they want to option my contract for next season. If so I'll be back there, if not then I'll have to look at other options. Either way I'm not too worried about it.

I thought I was going to go on more of a rant about how the year went, but now I don't really feel like it. Suffice to say it was very disappointing and I hope to never have as down and frustrating a year again.

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