Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Last Game of Reg Season

We lost last night in our regular season finale in Kiryat Ata. They are a couple spots down from us and didn't make the playoffs. We could have went up as high as 4th place if we had won, and a couple teams above us had lost.... but it didnt happen. It was a pretty crap game. Our import point guard hurt his hamstring in the first half so he didnt play too much. We gave up a lot of easy baskets and just did a crap job on defense. Final score was 101-96. I played a grand total of 4 minutes. thanks for nothing coach. I wouldn't be as pissed but our 'coach' talks to me like im going to play etc etc, then doesn't give me a chance. Just full of shit. Anyways we finish in 7th place and go into the first round, best of 3 playoff series against #2 Be'er Yaakov. I think the first game in Monday, and thankfully it's 2 games a week in the playoffs.

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