Monday, 29 August 2011

Rollin on Dubs

Big News, got my car today. Mitsubishi Lancer. The team rented it from a company until June. It's not new and has some nicks and scratches on it, but it's nice. I'll put some pics up tomorrow or something. Weird thing about cars in Israel, they all have this electronic code machine that 'unlocks' the car and lets you turn on the ignition. Makes it impossible to steal the car if you don't know the code. Also everyone here puts the parking break on every time they park, even when its on level ground. Weird for us because we neverrrr do it at home. Anyways first time I've ever had a car all to myself, pretty cool. Bout to be cruiiiiiisin

1 comment:

  1. remember to take that brake off before you decide to pull off.
    also make sure your not bumping some weak bwheels-music