Friday, 5 August 2011

The Ship & some swag

We are the champions!!!!!!! of summer league. Not a big deal considering we were the only real team and the others were just kind of thrown together. Wasn't really worth it because one of our guys sprained his ankle in the second half... hopefully he'll be fine by next week. This was the only real game we've had out of all our exhibitions... we won by 8 i think. The other team had some good players, one guy plays in Euroleague i think and some other good ones as well. I had foul trouble and didn't do very much. Sad times. We did bring home some hardware though

We also got to keep our summer league jerseys, so that's cool. The single is huuuuge, but the shorts are legit. As you can see And 1 is still cool out here... sweeet


Anyways we have today off then a couple days of practice before we head out on Tuesday. Looking forward to it.

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  1. i was hoping that you might have adopted the number 38 but its all good. glad your winning games though. keep doing what you do