Sunday, 7 August 2011

A Taste of Israel('s gyms)

Although I haven't really traveled anywhere since being here in Israel (other than a weekend with my family in Jerusalem) I have been to a couple places solely for the purpose of basketball. The Universiade team has been practicing all over for the 3 weeks I've been here. We've played at Tel-Aviv University, the Yovel (my team's, Bnei Hasharon, gym), Hapoel Holon and Maccabi Rishon LeZiyyon (two other teams in the Ligat Lotto), as well as Ramat Gan. I think that's it... Rishon LeZiyyon definitely had the nicest facility we went too, and it makes sense because the building is only like two or three years old I think. I really like our gym at the Yovel though. Doesn't hold very many people but a nice court.

Today the last two guys were cut from the team so we're down to 12 and getting ready to head out. Last practice in Israel tomorrow before we fly out on Tuesday. Going to be an exciting trip.

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