Saturday, 21 January 2012

And I'm Gone

Couple days ago I asked for a release from Bnei Hasharon and signed with a different team, Hod Hasharon in the 2nd division. They are kind of like the farm team to Maccabi Haifa in the 1st division and are owned by the same guy. Anyways basically I wasn't really playing at Bnei and my relationship with the management and stuff wasn't great as far as playing so it was just a better thing all around to go somewhere else and have a new start.

Hod Hasharon is near Kfar Saba about 20 minutes away from where I live in Herzliya. It's still being figured out if I have to change apartments and move closer to the new team, or if I'll be able to stay in Herzliya. I'd rather stay just because it'll be such a hassle to move, and I'm pretty comfortable in the Herz. I also got a new car bc I had to give back the one I got from Bnei at the beginning of the year. So now I have this goldish Kia Rio... class class class.

Anyways started practicing with the team on Thursday. Really good group of guys. Theres about 5 other American-Jewish players that did what I did and got their Israeli citizenship. Add the 2 American foreigners and basically the whole team speaks English as a first language. I'm not eligible to play in our game tonight because the contract still has to go through the league officials or something but Tuesday night I'll be playing. Excited to have a fresh start and hopefully get back to just playing like myself

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