Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Second Round Game 2: @ Haifa

Big game this past Sunday up in Haifa. Big game because they were a game ahead of us in the standings, but we beat them in the first round so we have the tiebreaker. Which means if we were to beat them again it would be like winning 2 games. The game was close from the get go and we were playing pretty well. Team was playing together with some alright defense except for a couple minutes where we gave up a couple transition dunks. Other than that it was a pretty even half that ended I think at 45-39. I played a few minutes in the first half without much happening. was 0/1 wtih 1 rbd. Second half things started to get way chippier. There were alot of plays where there probably should have been fouls but none were called. We ended up going on a pretty big run with a bunch of threepointers, including two crazy buzzer beater threes by our pg Tweety. Eventually we went up as big as 15 I think. Haifa made a comeback of sorts thanks to a couple bad turnovers/shots by us but the lead never went below 8 or so and we finished off the game with the win. Great to finally win after such a drought and finally get out of the basement of the league.

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