Friday, 13 January 2012

Second Round Game 1: vs Jerusalem

So the second round begins. In the first round we lost in OT to Jerusalem. They had just brought in a new coach for this game. Had also recently brought in Demetri McCamey from Illinois last year.

Shockingly, I got the nod to start the game. Fine with me. Finally get to play a little. First quarter I had 6 of the teams first 8 points, was doin my thing. We were playing alright, nothing crazy. Second quarter they had a bit of a run on us and I think we were down 12 or 15 or something at the half. Second half we came out really shitty and they ended up running the score up on us something serious... In related or unrelated news, your decision, I didn't play at all in the second half.. Preeeeeeetty frustrating. Curveball coming up in my next post

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  1. Damn man, I was going nuts just now after the 4th sentence... you just threw me a knuckleball